Why the U.S. Should Mind Its Own Business In Syria

The latest news from Syria, for those who were hoping the recent peace talks would be productive, isn’t encouraging. Syria’s been engaged in a civil war since 2011, and despite the United States and Russia involving themselves in the latest round of reconciliation efforts, it’s hard to see a conclusion to the current conflict that would be satisfactory to American interests.

There are two main reasons that the United States should mind its own business in respect to the current Syrian conflict.

The first of these is rooted in international law. Despite President Obama’s clear desire to oust President Assad, there is absolutely no legal justification to do so.  Syria has not attacked the United States or any other nation in the world. Accordingly, no nation can intervene citing “self-defense” as a legal justification.  In turn, the theory of humanitarian intervention is not applicable. More people died of violence in Iraq last year than in Syria, and yet no one suggests that the government in Iraq needs to be replaced by military force or through “negotiations.” In short, the United Naitons Security Council is charged with resolving threats to “world peace.”  If that body cannot reach consensus, then so be it. President Obama is not the President of the United Nations, after all.

Second, and more simply, both sides in the Syria conflict hate the United States, so given that, it makes no sense to take sides. Whatever side wins, it is certain that they will be hostile to America.

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