Why the Malaysian Airlines Plane Was Downed: My Interview with KSAT

Last Thursday, I was called back to KSAT’s studios (after my interview earlier in the week about the ongoing Bowe Bergdahl case) about the downed Malaysian Airlines jet yesterday. While seemingly a senseless tragedy, and initially appearing to be the work of terrorists, it’s actually part of a very specific strategy to draw the Russian military into an ongoing battle over the future of Ukraine.

As I told KSAT in this interview, the downing of the plane was the result of pro-Russian separatists, who may have not intended to take down a commercial airline with several hundred innocents aboard. They did, however, definitely mean to take down a plane.

Specifically, I said:

“They realize they cannot win without the support of the Russian military. The Russian military has been reluctant to intervene further so the separatists are using this opportunity to force the Russians to show their hand. This is not an oops. It’s an intentional downing of an aircraft. Whether they knew it was a jetliner or they imagined it was a military aircraft, we don’t know. They intentionally wanted to shoot down an aircraft and they did.”

Since President Obama provided virtually no response to Russia’s annexation of the Crimea earlier this year, the separatists may have been emboldened by the relative lack of reaction. Their goal is to force Russia’s hand into “liberating” them from the rest of the Ukraine, but they’re also forcing the United States’ hand in the process. The United States was in a difficult position even before this act of aggression, but now, they’re in an even more difficult position.

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