Obama and Radical Islam

Paris Rally

In the wake of the January 2015 terror attacks in France by Muslim terrorists, President Obama once again revealed a phenomenal lack of leadership when it comes to plainly dealing with Muslim terror. Not only did the President of the United States refuse to attend (or send a high-level representative) to the massive rally in Paris to denounce radical Islam, but the White House announced that it would not use the term Islam or radical Islam to describe the perpetrators of terror attacks. Instead, the new buzz words mandated by the Obama Administration are “violent extremism.” When White House press secretary Josh Earnest elaborated at a recent press conference for reporters: “We have chosen not to use that label [radical Islam] because it doesn’t seem to accurately describe what happened [in Paris],” even the liberal leaning National Public Radio media representative Mara Liasson seemed offended. Ms. Liasson grilled Mr. Earnest about why the White House consistently avoids any mention of Muslims or Islam in connection with the terror attacks carried out by Muslims. Of course, NPR finally realizes what common sense dictates — you cannot defeat the enemy unless you can identify the enemy. Radical Islam is the enemy that the civilized world is facing.

Just as the term “terrorist” does not describe the people that engage in the act, violent extremism fails to tell us who is carrying out these murders. To that extent, the label is worthless. During the six years of the Obama Administration to date, many have been frustrated by a lack of clarity and leadership when it comes to addressing the threat of radical Islam. For instance, instead of calling the April 2013 terrorist attack in Boston an act of radical Islamic terror, the bombings were labeled as terrorist attacks and the Muslim murders as “terrorists.” While it is true that the twin bombings at the Boston marathon by the Tsarmaev brothers were designed to instill fear, the motivation for the attacks must always serve as the key descriptive component. Furthermore, while the Tsarnaevs may have acted alone and without specific guidance, they were not simply lone-wolf terrorists. Like the Muslim terrorists in Paris, the brothers are part of a global alliance of individuals that pledge allegiance to the vision of radical Islam, tracing their immediate roots to Al-Qa’eda.

The good news, is that if NPR finally revolts over the Obama refusal to label radical Islam for what it is, perhaps there is yet hope that the people of this great nation will elect a leadership that can deal with reality as it is and not as they wish it to be.

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